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About Us
At Extra Customers, we believe that online marketing is the most effective and cheapest tool to drive new Customers to a business. Extra Customers based in Sacramento, CA.  We work with small businesses to get them new ideal customers at their doorstep. We convert COLD and MAYBE Ideal Customers to HOT want to buy what you offer. 
Online Marketing is our profession and our focus. However, we believe in constant learning, we learned and we keep learning from the best on this planet when it comes to online marketing and the psychology behind marketing. We also keep testing and researching to stay up to date and on top the ice burg.  Modifying and finalizing the best strategies and apply it to our beautiful clients. 
“Our Obsession is to provide our clients New Hot Ideal Customers ready to buy their service or /and products - Extra Customers ”
Here's how we get you Extra Customers "🔥HOT ONES🔥"
Laser target customers
Create sales funnels that psychologically convert cold to hot customers.
Modify Ads so you don't waste money on ads won't or has low convert rate
Deal with tech stuff that no one else wants to deal with.
Daily post on social media + Spread the word
Improve social media engagement 
Storytelling a BRAND, 
video marketing, H.Q photos, Eye catching content
Increase local SEO and online business appearance 
Create, maintain, and increase email list
 Design modern, fast, and fully responsive website. And Maintain it.
Drive a lot of customers to the value ladder and increase sales
And More...
You Are One-Click Away To Boost Your Business!
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Online Marketing is a skill. It’s like any job. If someone once a day just tried to be an accountant, they wouldn’t have a clue what they are doing and chances are would make a pretty big mess of everything. The same goes for Online Marketing. If your sales funnel, ad, targeting, or any other component isn’t top notch, you are not going to get your leads and customers for anywhere near the best price. As an Online Marketing expert, my job is to make decisions with your money, so you don’t waste it!
Let's run an audit to your business to
  • Show you where your business stand online NOW
  • Show you where you business should be.
  • Show you how we can take you there.
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